Is there any other way to get rid of glasses?

  • If you are thinking about some exercises of some drugs then the bitter fact is that there no such treatment. There is vast research going on throughout the world but yet no success. Many alternative medical physicians have claims but nothing could be proved till now. At the level of double blind study everything fails.
  • There is a very limited number of people who have have weakness of vision due to some temporary reasons for example high levels of blood glucose, corneal edema, limbal conjunctivitis, keratitis. These patient get benefit from medical treatment. These drugs can be of any discipline.
  • My practice is now in 4th decade. In this long medical journey I have never seen a who has really been treated and gotten rid of glasses. Many people have come to me claiming I have been treated and now I don’t have weakness of vison. But the person is examine by vison chart and computer, the defect persists without any change. There is a psychological and symptomatic improvement.
  • The only way is to make structural change which can be manipulated by many methods such as following:
    • Excimer laser
    • Phaco operation
    • Intacts
    • Phakic IOLs
  • The most beneficial and used word wide is laser.

I am performing operation to correct vision with Excimer laser

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