In this disease peripheral retina gradually degerates and its functions are disturbed. The abnormal structure is apparent in the picture below

Very severly damaged retina

What are symptom? Very disabling problem is narrowing of the visual field as seen in the following picture

Even more severely damaged visual field

Can we say that this disease dose’nt have any treatment?

No, that doesn’t mean it at all. This disease results in many complications that are treatable. And most patients suffer from these complications, not the underlying disease. The most important thing is to prevent these complications from occurring and if any complications do occur, they should be treated immediately. This can save the patient a lot of trouble and prevent him from becoming completely blind.

Vitamin A and certain medications are sure to slow down the rate at which the membrane deteriorates.
In the same way, if the relationship between the two parents is taken care of when the genetic defect is not present in the marriage, then the chances of this disease appearing in the children are very low.
If cataract has developed, it should be treated properly and consistently.
If white cataract develops, it should be treated in time.

Patients should not take up a profession that involves too much work, otherwise one of the major disadvantages would be that they would continue to feel inferior and deprived, which could lead to mental illness.
Patients with this disease should avoid such places because there is a risk of accident because in addition to the general damage of the accident, there is also a greater risk because their eyelids are already weak; If their veil of vision is torn off, it will be impossible for them to recover.

Have I heard that any modern cure for this has been discovered? is that correct?

The encouraging fact is that more and more research is being done on the treatment of this disease.

A very important treatment is likely to emerge in the near future. This is a method of transplanting photoreceptors created in the laboratory with the help of stem cells. This method has shown very good results in the treatment of some diseases. This method is also being used to treat corneas in the eyes.

Heard the computer chip is installed in the eye from which the vision begins.

Experiments have been performed to insert a computer chip inside the eye that transmits signals to the brain. However, it has not yet been able to be applied to patients’ eyes.
An experiment has also been done to fit a special type of binoculars into a special type of spectacles, which reduces the patient’s disability.

If someone’s retina is damaged, can the retina be replaced?

Some people have also told me that in the United States, the eyelids change, which makes the vision visible.
As far as changing the curtain is concerned, this is not the case. So far no such attempt has been successful. Silence experiments are being performed, but so far no success has been achieved. However, there are very strong expectations in this regard.

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