Treatments for glaucoma

There are different ways to operate on glaucoma, which are briefly described below:

Laser treatment

Laser rays are used in a variety of ways to treat cataracts.

Argon laser

This type of laser is used to open holes in the trabecular mesentery. This operation is called ALT and SLT operation. This method is useful for the treatment of open angle glaucoma.

ALT procedure

ALT effect

Yag Laser

This type of laser is used to treat narrow angle glaucoma. It drills holes in the iris that act as an alternative drainage route.

Peripheral iridectomy

Diode laser

This type of laser has been used to treat neovascular glaucoma. Modern research is now recommending that this laser can be used to treat open angle glaucoma.

Different surgical operation to create an an artificial route for drainage

There are different methods for creating artificial routes for drainage. These are used in different types of glaucoma. The following are the most commonly used:

  • Trabeculectomy
  • Trabeculotomy

Surgery for glaucoma

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