• This treatment is very useful in otherwise healthy eye, especially when the number of glasses is small. The treatment results are excellent.
  • However, if there is a high number of glassess, such as 16.0- or 17.0- etc., then it is dangerous so alternative methods should be adopted instead of laser.
  • If someone already has some disease in the eyes which cannot be cured permanently, then there may be disadvantages, for example.
    • A chronic coronary disease, especially corneal congestion.
    • Keratoconus. As in this case, the central part of the cornea is already thin that can be further thinned by laser application.
    • If there is persistent inflammation in the cornea.
    • Corneal opacity that affects the transparency of the cornea and does not appear to be completely corrected but may be beneficial in some corneal dystrophies.

?Is this method dangerous

The fact that this treatment is simple and safe is not expensive because it is dangerous, but because its machines and other accessories are very expensive, but less expensive, especially for Epi-LASIK.

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