CSCR is a disease in which the central area of the retina bulges inwards due to collection of fluid behid it as is seen in the piture

On the right side of the picture is OCT which clearly shows the fluid is present between the two layers of the retina.

FFA images show a leakge from where the fluid is coming

What is the treatment of this disease?

There is no definite treatment for this uptill now. A vast research is going on.

  • Very large number of patients ecove without any treatment although it takes many weeks.
  • If there is leaking spot at a location wher laser can be safely applied, then laser can be applied.
  • Different medicines are prescribed with variable results.
    • Anti-VEGF injections
    • Rifampicin, acetazolamde, and others
  • But mostly its treatment is controversial.

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