Can cataract develop again after cataract operation?

Cataract can never develop again. However in some patients the lens capsule thickens and acts like a curtain behind the IOL. Technical name of this defect is posterior capsule thickeneing. Due to this curtain vision again deteriorates.

Most of the people do not develop but following factors can increase the chances of development of the membrane:

  • Old fashioned IOLs have greater chances of this problem. Most of the latest IOLs have decreased the chances of development of after-cataract..
  • Very very important thing is that the lens matter should be cleaned in vary good manner. Incomplete cleaning of cortical matter increases the chances. the incompleteness may be due to poor quality machanies or inadequate surgical experience.
  • If after operation there remains chronic inflammation, it incraeses the chnaces.

Posterior capsule thickening also called after catract. Before treatment and after treatment

I am performing Yag Laser procedure to treat after cataract

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